3DPEDIA is a basically design catalog web page and it brings you 3d printable exclusive designs. 

It's a simply meeting point between top designers and customers who wants to buy personalized/special products.

3DPEDIA supplies high quality products with reasonable priceses because we collaborate with local suppliers.

We provide a platform for designers and they can increase their recognition globally by 3DPEDIA marketing activities.

It might vary but most of the time designers get 22% profit or their expressed markup price for per sold their product.

In the meanwhile, our designers will help at any customer's spesific request and we'll guide them to make their own designs to come real. 

Our goals are increasing 3d printer user numbers and supporting this clean, recyclable production method.

Let’s create the widest 3d design catalog together with you !





Cemal Şafak Çöktü


Cemal is Co-Founder and CEO at 3DPEDIA.

His main tasks to manage Marketing, Sales and Financial operations.
E-mail: safak@3dpedia.co

Ozan Zaralı


Ozan is Co-Founder and CMO at 3DPEDIA.

His main tasks to manage Marketing and Business Development operations.
E-mail: ozan@3dpedia.co

Turgay Özgür


He is reponsible of all of the technical things at 3DPEDIA.
E-mail: turgay@3dpedia.co