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Blog - Interview With Product Designer Andres Roppa

Interview With Product Designer Andres Roppa
By 3DPEDIA 12/20/2016 6:01 PM

Please shortly introduce yourself us.

Who is Andres?

I am a product designer based in Montevideo, Uruguay, working globally on a diverse range of projects, helping individuals and startups.
For the past ten years I have focused on 3D Printing, creating models for rapid prototyping and developing new product concepts. Recently I have shifted towards the world of eyewear design, 3D printed eyewear that is, though I continue to collaborate on other industrial design projects such as enclosures for electronic products.


Generally designers need to use molding technology to create a real object. But as you know that it's costly and also the method has technical limitations in 3d structures. I believe that 3d printing technology give designers a chance to make real what they have in their mind!
So maybe we can call 3d printing technology as a freedom of designing art!

What do you think about that?

I agree that there is a new way of design thinking with added freedom in terms of shape and form. But then the real challenge is reaching a product that breaks the usual aesthetic barriers bound be conventional manufacturing methods while still respecting the wide range of product design necessities. When the final product is less functional and more of an art piece, then I guess there is more freedom to create, though basic design principals should still apply. I think that the interesting part about all this is how unpredictable the design thinking approach will change in the next years.

What is your inspiration for your designs?

I have no specific inspiration for any given project. In my personal projects, focusing on design for 3DP, which can be considered generative and organic, I sometimes look in the direction of nature and organic processes. Not necessarily organic in the aesthetic sense, but in regards to structures and function.

People have started to design 3d printable jewelry, miniatures, sculpture, accessories, functional and semi functional gadgets etc.


What do you think about the next designing trend in the future?

This industry is growing and changing so rapidly. But of course one cannot avoid seeing the increase in the implementation of additive manufacturing within the personal consumer products category. I mean, from accessories to shoes and clothing. This is already happening and I would add the mass customization concept of course.


What's your next project and exhibition plans for 2017?

My next projects include concentrating more on the areas mentioned above, mostly eyewear design, which I have started already.