Igor Knezevic combined technology and naturalness in his Clothoid.A design.

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Clothoid curve also known as Euler Spiral. It forms from a below mathematical formula.

L.R = A

A: Clothoid Parameter  [m]

R: Radius where is end of Clothoid [m]

L: Length of Clothoid [m]

This formula gives you below curve structure  


Clothoid Curve

Igor Knezevic inspired from dance of these curves and a result of that he created Clothoid.A Lamp shape.


The support side of the lamp was made from a Drift Wood and we found it from Eagen Sea Coast/Turkey.

Drift wood support was dried, sanded and open pore lacquered by a Turkish Craftsmans.                                                 

Eagen Coast of Turkey


Designer: Igor Knezevic






strong plastic with mild flexibility (compared to PLA)

Its strength, flexibility, machinability, and higher temperature resistance

make it often a preferred plastic.



It’s considered a more 'earth friendly' plastic compared to petroleum

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