Markup & 22% Cuts Payment Procedure

Before payment, designer should have to publish invoice for legal money transfering once a            

month on the 29th. If require, invoice may include taxes. Designer needs to express tax ratio

regarding to their country.Designer Markup prices or 22% cuts pay once a month on the 30th.

Your markup or 22% cuts is ready for payment to you as soon as  the item is shipped, up until

11:59PM UTC on the 29th. So if your item is shipped by the 29th,you will get paid the markup

for that item the very next day on the 30th. If it is shipped on the 30th or 31th, you will be paid

the following month on the 30th.


How Do I Track My Sales?

We currently work on online "My Sales" tracking page. Till the page development, we will

provide instant e-mail foreach sales. On the 30th of each month, an invoice is sent out to you

which lists all confirmed sales you have earned.

Transaction Fee

%3,5 transection fee will be charged to designer.