1)I’m a designer and want to know about how many times my design were printed-out and sold.

3DPEDIA shares monthly ordered quantities by e-mail. Designers will be informed detaily about which design,

how many times were printed&sold and how many times we got returns for related designs of designer. For more

details, we can share bills for related designs of designers.


2)I’m a designer and when can I get the designer cuts?

3DPEDIA pays designer cuts&markup costs in 30 days.


3)I’m a designer and what I need to do for getting cuts?

Designers have to prepare bills regarding to the total calculated cuts&markup cost.


4)I’m a designer and can I share same designs @ similar web pages?

Yes you can do it.


5)I’m a designer and want to be sure about my design will be protected and won’t be leaked to 3.rd parts.

3DPEDIA gives guarantee to protect design data sharing, we just share designs with our manufacturer partnerships who already approved 3DPEDIA Terms of Use rules.


6)I’m a customer and How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order in 24 hours. After 24 hours you cannot cancel your order.


7)I’m a customer and  in which cases can I return the ordered product?

Customers can return the ordered product in 14 days(after receiving  the product). In any case, we would like to know your reason(s) for returned product.


8)Which address can I send back the product?

Customers can send back the product to shipped address and shipment cost in 3DPEDIA responsible.