Guilloche Necklace Serie No.2

Igor Knezevic designed Guilloche Necklace Serie for your fashion.
He inspired Guilloche Machine and it's created patterns.

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Product Description

Guilloche Machine also known as Rose Engine had invented in 1500s and it's oldest way to create mechanical Patterns over of plates.

Guilloche Machine is mechanically engraving material by engine turning.

It was commonly used in 1900s and many artisants applied these patterns over of coins, watches, cases etc.

Igor Knezevic is representing these mechanical patterns on his Guilloche Necklace Serie. But here is a difference, Igor is doing these mechanical patterns with 3D printers at 2017. He is combining old technology with the new technology and giving same output.

Designer: Igor Knezevic


Would you like to take a look Guilloche Machine and its perfect mechanical patterns?




strong plastic with mild flexibility (compared to PLA)

Its strength, flexibility, machinability, and higher temperature resistance

make it often a preferred plastic.



It’s considered a more 'earth friendly' plastic compared to petroleum

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